XC Pee – Single Condom

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The XC Pee in-flight system makes it easy for men to pee from the air.

Condoms to be used with the XC Pee kit.

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This new design has a double-grip strip ensures easy and smooth roll-out for a secure fit. The anti-leakage system is designed to give you the best possible security. The anti-leakage system consists of:

  • a push ring with sure grip ribs for secure connection to the waste tube connector
  • an anti-kink bellow to stop kinks ensuring a free flow
  • balanced adhesive for reliability while still being easy and painless to remove


The sheath is made of PSX silicone material, which is stretchy and breathable allowing for a perfect fit.

The Conveen Optima has built-in ‘balanced’ adhesive, which means it is reliable and skin-friendly. It makes the sheath fit securely to the penis and causes no skin irritations. Each sheath can be worn for up to 24 hours.

Thousands of pilots around the world have used and trusted the XCPee since the first version was released in 2010.

This latest update to a silicone version provides even better adhesive, particularly for use where the waste tube has to travel vertically up and out of harness holes.

Please note: the sheath should be left on for a period of at least four hours after fitting. The adhesive is initially very strong to ensure a firm bond, and trying to remove the catheter immediately after fitting may cause discomfort. After a period of time and wearing, the adhesive weakens and it is easier to remove the catheter by peeling it back from the open end.

NB: You need the XCPee Base Kit to use this product


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