R 6,450.00

UltraBip : GPS logger Bluetooth

UltraBip is a new GPS logger alti-vario and voice assistant Bluetooth.

It is fully solar-powered and equipped with a concentrate of features that have made the success of our instruments, all in an ultralight format!



  • 1 UltraBip instrument
  • 1 USB-C to USB-A cable (for USB flash drive tracklog)
  • 2 adhesive velcros
  • 1 lanyard
  • 1 user manual

Compatible with iPhone and Android, UltraBip connects via Bluetooth to your favourite flight app (XCTrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou, etc). It is equipped with our latest SunPower solar cell, and its innovative Dual Audio design makes it very energy efficient.

It also records your GPS track (IGC, KML) and is equipped with the Instant Vario technology (accelerometers and gyroscopes) for instant responsiveness.

The UltraBip also benefits from the innovative and unique-on-the-market voice assistant function. With a slight double-tap, the UltraBip informs you by voice output of useful flight information: altitude, speed, average climb rate, flight duration, etc…