Sky – Apollo (S) – EN B

R 12,000.00


Condition – very good

Date of Manufacture – Dec 2016

APOLLO is for pilots who fly frequently and that have the skill level to match the high performance and dynamics of this wing whilst remaining within the EN B category. We seriously believe that true performance comes from the right match of pilot and wing. In the right hands, this wing will produce an incredible in flight experience and many km’s of rewarding cross-country distance whilst leading the pack.

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Importantly, APOLLO retains the fantastic handling that our Sky gliders are well known for, whilst using only technologies and design that add genuine advancements to the in-flight experience for the pilot. APOLLO ’s design still manages to offer the pilot an extremely good ratio of performance to safety. The handling and behavior of APOLLO, alone, will inspire confidence, emotion and inspiration for every flight, thus enhancing the pilots ability to access the performance that lies within. APOLLO remains a true and honest , high performing sports wing in the EN B category for high end EN B pilots.

APOLLO sports an aspect ratio of 5.45 and consists of 55 cells over a drag reducing elliptical planform.

Flat area (m2) 22.94
Flat span (m) 11.18
Flat aspect ratio 5.45
Projected surface (m2) 20.19
Projected span (m) 9.19
Projected aspect ratio 4.19
Number of cells 55
Weight of the glider (kg) 4.4
Take-off weight (kg) 64-81
Certification EN B