Cross Country – Speed Top Pro

R 1,450.00

Pro level Lycra speed top for competitors and XC pilots.

Features full length zip, sculpted arms and chest radio pocket and snack pocket.


Speed Top Pro has been designed to meet the needs of world cup pilots flying new generation harnesses.

Speed Top Pro features:

  • A tighter, more sculpted fit on the forearms and upper arms to further reduce drag
  • Thumb hooks for further reducing any flutter tendency when wearing t-shirts
  • Full front zip allows for easier ventilation on launch, and in the air
  • Zipped radio pocket is featured on the front left, with security loop
  • Easy access snacks pocket on the front right

The Speed Top Pro is the brainchild of Brett Hazlett and has been developed and refined by our competition team pilots, including Seb Ospina. It is particularly suited to those flying fully enclosed, fully-faired competition harnesses such as the Submarine, where pocket space is at a premium.

The stretchy lycra will condense and compact any clothing to further reduce drag. As wind tunnel research shows, drag from arms contributes 20-35% of total body parasitic drag.