Advance – BiPro 3 M

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The BIPRO 3 tandem pilot harness has many useful features for a simple and safe working day. The harness weighs a mere 2.6 kg and is strongly built. This exceptionally comfortable pilot harness will not only appeal to the daily professional, but will also serve the leisure tandem pilot perfectly.


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The optional spreaders are a must for using a BIBPRO 3 with the BIBETA 6. An outstanding feature of all three spreader versions, Hard Hybrid, Soft Trim and Soft: cleanly running, covered reserve connection lines as a permanent part of the spreader. This saves not only a carabiner, but also the connection check before takeoff.

Technical Data

Pilot height cm 155 – 185 175 – 202
Harness weight kg 2.05 2.2
Volume of back pocket l 26 34
Carabiner height cm 40 42
Certification EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120kg
Protector weight kg 0.52 0.52
Weight reserve container with reserve handle kg 0.13 0.13



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